From Darkness

(Desde la Oscuridad)
Currently in development

– Executive Production
– Artistic direction
– Original Soundtrack
– Field Recordings
– Foley
– Sound Design
– Audio implementation

“Desde la oscuridad” is a non-graphical adventure, with a neo-noir setting and supernatural overtones
 Developed for mobile devices and  intended to be played by the sighted and blind.

 The player will be put on the role of a sight impaired person, in Argentina, in the 30s. He will have to try and solve the missing of his boss detective, overcoming his own limitations and fears, becoming a detective himself on the way. 

 The game will progress as the player interacts through speech, tact or gestural movements, taking choices, solving puzzles and perceiving and understanding, through narration, a world created with sounds, music, vibration, dialogue and ambiences.