We’re a team of three friends (and audio nerds), each with it’s own strength and creative powers, all put together focusing on one thing: creating an amazing experience through sound and music. 


We love challenges!


Over the past 5 years we’ve worked in various videogame IPs, mostly being in charge of the music or the sound design/implementation. Also, we participated in many other kind of projects, creating original scores for theater plays, radio jingles and short films, to name a few.


We are prepared with an arsenal of:


– EXPERIENCE: each of us has university studies in music or music production, as well as varios courses in Game Audio, Sound Design, and Sound Implementation; also 10+ years as professional musicians and currently teaching at various institutes and universities.


TOOLS®our studio is packed with all the necessary gear to provide sounds and music for todays standards. Wether it’s digital technology or analog machinery, we have the right tools to create anything you can imagine.


– C  R  3  A  t  !  V  !  T  y : we love trying new things and handling challenges. Like that time when we waited for 2 hours to record a toads croak, then run it through distorsion, pitch shifting, granular delay and compression, just to hear that the result was… well… Interesting!


We hope you have challenges for us!

We’d love to work with you, so let’s get in touch.